Technology & Scientific Solutions

Strategic Solutions Center and its strategic business partners specialize in providing technology solutions developed by university, government and industrial scientific research laboratories. These solutions assist both government and commercial sector customers as well as ensure that emerging technologies are used when providing solutions for SSC’s focus areas: environmental and energy efficiency solutions. The following are specific examples:

  • Smart sensors for bridges, levees, roads, buildings and vehicles i.e. eco-cities
  • Biomimicry which is the practice of developing sustainable technology solutions that are inspired by ideas from nature
  • Smart “emergent and self organizing” traffic congestion systems that deal with natural complexity in unconventional ways
  • Infrastructure – Smart sensors for smart cities that address end enforce “smart resilience” and mitigate the consequences of future potential catastrophes (e.g. climate change, severe weather, man-made disasters, riots, etc.)
  • Modernizing the electrical grid to accept consumer and commercial inputs from alternate energy and reducing power loss during distribution
  • Adoption of smart energy technologies (wind, water and sun) that approach price parity with gas, coal, nuclear and electricity
  • Assisting in moving toward distributed and diversified energy production vs. centralized energy production
  • Energy harvesting – various smart technologies that covert latent heat, all light spectra and mechanical vibration into electricity