Project Management

To be consistently successful, businesses need to utilize well-trained project managers, and more importantly, organizational processes that support project success. Those processes include a consistent methodology for conceiving, planning, scheduling and tracking projects as well as processes for project approval, quality control, prioritization of projects, and allocation of resources across all projects. These effective project management processes do not come from buying software applications but come from data-based executive decisions and enforcement of sound project processes. They include:

  • Integrating proven Project Management techniques and Project Management tools that may include software
  • Supporting effective strategic control by executives
  • Communicating clear assignments to project team members
  • Early problem identification and solution
  • Building dynamic project models to simulate alternative ways of doing the project
  • Measuring business results, not micromanagement
  • Implementing networks that facilitate tracking against measured results
  • Identifying performance expectations for each assignment so people know what's expected before they start work

Strategic Solutions Center provides complete project lifecycle management including detailed project planning, scheduling and budgeting. We provide clients with ways to track project schedules, as well as financial and technical performance, thus allowing them to complete tasks on time and within budget