Business Development

Strategic Solutions Center's excellent relationship with federal and state officials facilitates working out solutions that result in win-win strategies for our clients. We assist clients with revenue enhancement services: increasing government sales, expanding markets, developing new markets, improving customer service, and using information technologies strategically. In addition, we help them develop and implement methods for gaining a sustainable competitive advantage.

As businesses focus on promoting their fundamental value and competitive advantages, they need strategies that map precisely to business objectives and opportunities for profitable returns. We help companies set direction by rapidly locating and evaluating strategic options from a diverse range of relevant perspectives. And, like everything at Strategic Solutions Center, our strategies are formed with a thorough consideration of implementation and time-to-market requirements.

Benefits of a partnership with Strategic Solutions Center:

  • Differentiate your firm from competitors in bid situations
  • Receive additional leads from Strategic Solutions Center through a reciprocal referral relationship
  • Enhance your ability to accurately bid on a project
  • Allow your consultants to stay focused on their areas of expertise

Federal, State and Local Government Business Strategies

Strategic Solutions Center helps clients target the right federal, state, and local agencies; ensuring that they are on the right certified lists, databases, and web sites to gain the visibility needed to win contracts. We help companies quantify market size and identify key competitors, including which ones are winning bids and for how much. We also help clients develop the right marketing strategy to penetrate the federal marketplace, beat out competitors, and increase top-line revenue. Our services in this area include:

  • Business Model Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Market Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Pricing Analysis
  • Government Buyer Lists/Database Registration